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When I think about my childhood and days back in school, I always remember doing paper mache in art class. I remember the balloon, the newspaper, the glue mixture, the fun mess and creating “art”. Something about the perfectly imperfect finished product that was truly a labor of love because it was a process that you see from beginning to end and took time and care. I wanted to bring that nostalgia back again and make it a fun family activity.

As a parent I am constantly trying to think of new activities to stimulate my kids’ brains, allow them to have fun, spark their creativity, just let them get messy and create memories. It truly is special when they finish a project and have something to display. I hope this will paper mache YOU happy!

Everything is included in the DIY activity kit to make it easy for you as a parent. There is no right or wrong way to do it. And, if you think of some other idea to use the supplies, feel free to let your imagination run wild!

Anna Quach, Creator of Paper Mache Me Happy, Creative Director of La Design Boutique and Mom

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